Teaching Statement

Jeanne Dodds approaches her teaching philosophy from a facilitator’s perspective. Her primary goals are to provide students with the information and skills needed to become technically competent in a given media, and to support, encourage and foster individual creative expression. Through her work as an artist active in multiple disciplines, Ms. Dodds remains current in art techniques and methods for artistic development, skills that inform her teaching practice. Through her work with museums, schools, and non-profit organizations, Ms. Dodds has developed extensive curriculum based on museum collections, learning standards, and art media. Her classes for adults and children are taught at institutions in Western States.Responses from Students, Parents and Organizations:

“Both your classes have been spectacular this session. I feel so fortunate to watch you work."
- program coordinator, Seattle School

“Your projects are his favorite thing about school. I’ve enjoyed your creative curriculum… and your respectful way with kids.”
- parent of student, Seattle School

“The kids were so engaged and really enjoyed learning from you."
-program director, Seattle school

“Thank you so much for the wealth of information you offered. I see new possibilities for my artwork.”
- adult drawing student, Seattle non-profit