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1. untitled
Ontario, OR

2. untitled
Seattle, WA

3. Almost Independence Day
Indian Reservation, WA

4. Frank and Ester
Boise, ID

5. Western Tananger
Bellingham, WA

6. With the Tide
Neah Bay, WA

7. Near the Spawning Area
Seattle, WA

8. Stare
John Day, OR

9. The Royal Order
Grand Coulee, WA

10. Morman Country
outside of Driggs, ID

11. Tire Pile
Lime, OR

12. Natural History, Old Frontier
 Iowa City, IO

13. State Capitol
 Boise, ID

14. Reflection Lakes
Mt. Rainier, WA

15. Logging Practices
 Bellingham, WA

16. For the Invasion that Never Came
 Port Townsend, WA

17. Rocker Love Spot
Seattle, WA

18. Safely Warned
Banff Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

19. City Plan
Boise, ID

20. The Dam Builder’s Resting Place
Grand Coulee, WA

21. Fish Ladder
John Day Dam, OR

22. Glory Hole
Eastern OR

23. Hatchling Salmon
Seattle, WA

24. Where Fresh Meets Saltwater at the End of the Salmon Run

25. Taxidermy
Rural ID

26. Where the Mammoth Walked
John Day Fossil Beds, OR

27. Resting Place
Coulee City, WA

28. Mobilization Ammunition
Battlement, Oregon Coast

29. untitled
Port Townsend, WA